Greetings from America’s skyways!

Tweet with me today while I fly the skies on my way home! (@Southern_Blog)Traveling almost makes you feel a little patriotic, doesn’t it? I love how every airport in America indulges every regional stereotype to its fullest potential. It’s like I don’t even have to leave the airport to really get to the meat of what a state is all about.

For example, Memphis International Airport: Barbecue and blues. Dallas/Fort Worth: Cowboy boots and Cowboys football. Portland International: University of Oregon Ducks, beer, and judging by the woman rocking out on the ukulele at gate C6, Portland likes the arts, too.

It’s like being at Disney World’s Epcot except I’m probably not going to get an autograph and picture with Goofy at any point today. But never say never.

I’ll keep dissecting the airport representations of each state, while you head on over to Twitter to read updates about my cross-country voyage back to the South.

(Psst! You don’t have to have a Twitter account to read my Tweets, just click the link!)


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